This Kitchen Trick Lets You Cut Cauliflower Without Using a Knife

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If you regularly eat cauliflower, you know how messy cutting the vegetable can be. So much so that you might be tempted to skip veggie altogether. But as @kalejunkie recently proved on TikTok, it's actually possible to cut a cauliflower into florets without making a mess ... or even using a knife.


Per @kalejunkie's TikTok video, all you need to do is leave the cauliflower head in its plastic packaging, then slam it on your kitchen countertop. Yes, really! After repeating the motion once or twice, the cauliflower will naturally break into florets, leaving the tiny pieces inside the plastic.


Not only will this hilariously easy hack save you time, but it allows you to release some steam while preparing dinner. How's that for multitasking? (We're joking ... but honestly, it does look like a lot of fun.)

On TikTok, @kalejunkie's followers were all about the technique. "Where has this been all my life?" commented one user. "That's what works for me! And it's a destressor too," said another person.

"I can't wait to see the faces of my kids when I do this," joked one TikToker. Ha!


Of course, this specific trick will only work if you buy cauliflower heads wrapped in plastic. If you purchase the vegetable sans wrapping, you'll need to place it in a large fabric produce bag first before trying the technique.

And while this hack won't work if you're making, say, cauliflower steaks, you can use it when making cauliflower rice. Simply break the head into florets and toss them in a food processor as usual.


Other hacks for preparing vegetables:

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The more you know.



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