This Chopping Hack Will Save You so Much Time in the Kitchen

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Chopping vegetables in the kitchen can be a time-consuming feat. While the process can be somewhat of a drag, there is also the danger of the knife being too close to your fragile fingers — hey, accidents happen. Luckily, TikToker @casa_tips has shaken the internet with a slicing hack that is sure to change your cooking game from this point on.


The creator particularly focuses on shallots, but this will work for any type of small vegetable like a fingerling potato or a clove of garlic. They use a fork to hold the shallot in place while using a peeling tool to quickly slice the shallot into thin strips. You can see that their hands are clear of any blades, plus the the peeler cuts cleanly through the onion. Absolutely genius.

Commenters were also blown away with this chopping hack — and rightfully so. One wrote, "The way my jaw dropped ... what is this hack?" while another simply said, "Life changer."


However, some other users questioned what to do with the rest of the shallot. While you could use a regular knife to chop up the rest of the onion, that would defeat the purpose of this whole hack. So, we recommend composting the leftover piece or storing it in the freezer to use for future recipes like soup or pasta sauce. You may also want to try adjusting the placement of the fork so you can keep peeling until you can't anymore. This way, that leftover stump will be as small as possible.


Regardless of what you choose to do with the final chunk, we certainly foresee less kitchen accidents in your future — and that is the greatest hack of all.


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