This Mess-Free Potato Peeling Hack Is SO Much Faster

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Have you ever avoided a recipe because it requires peeling potatoes? We've been there. Though potatoes are delicious and can be prepared in a myriad of ways, they are truly a pain to peel. Not only do the peels get everywhere, but you also have to actively try not to slice your fingers in the process. Yet, what if we told you that there is a potato peeling hack that will solve these problems?


Thanks to YouTube's Foody Tube, we discovered a better, quicker, less messy way to peel potatoes. It's essentially a miracle hack that we're sad we didn't learn sooner. Here's how it goes:

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Step 1

Lay the potato on its side. Using a sharp knife, cut a line all the way around the center of the potato. You'll want to twirl the potato as you go, so that the beginning and end of the line connect.

Step 2

Place the potato in boiling water and cook it for the amount of time your specific recipe requires.


According to Foody Tube, by cooking the potato with its skin, more flavor gets infused into the potato. This is because most of the potato's flavor is actually in its skin.

Step 3

Remove the skin from the spud by peeling it away from the center, and that's it!


This is truly a superior hack. Not only do you get a more flavorful potato while not slicing your skin in the process, but you also prevent less potato from going to waste because you're not peeling off part of the actual potato in the process. Also, no mess!!

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some potato-based meals to plan.



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