This Genius Cutting Board Hack Will Make Chopping so Much Easier

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It's likely you break out your cutting board almost every day, whether it's to chop vegetables for a salad, dice an onion for soup, or even just to slice bread for a sandwich without damaging your countertops. You probably have also dealt with the frustration of your board sliding around while you cut, making meal prep a bit dangerous for your fingers.


Fortunately, TikToker @kellyscleankitchen has come through with an easy trick to prevent the board from sliding all over your counters. First, you'll want to wet a paper towel and squeeze out the excess water. You want the towel to be wet, but not dripping.

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Next, lay the saturated paper towel flat on the counter and rest your cutting board on top of it. As the creator demonstrates, the board will stay in place, even if you try to push it. They also mention you could use a regular towel for less waste.

Commenters were loving the hack and even shared their own modifications. "Using [a] drawer liner is good as well," one wrote, while another said, "I just use a dry hand towel!"

A couple users even knew about the trick already. "My dad taught me this when I was a kid learning to cook," explained @trisharutenbar. "I teach everyone who doesn't know because it really is life changing!"


Well, there you have it. Now we can rest a little easier knowing that there's a smaller chance of a kitchen accident.

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