This Butternut Squash Cutting Hack Is So Simple, It's Frustrating

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Cutting butternut squash can be a challenge for many home cooks, but with one simple tip, anyone can master this tricky task. Thanks to a @motivatewellnesstoday TikTok video reposted by user @andrelifehack, you, too, can learn the rolling technique, a method that allows for a smooth, even cut. It's also much safer than trying to cut through the squash by attempting to saw through it with a knife. No emergency room visits here, thank you.


To start, grab a knife and place the squash on its side. Begin to roll it back and forth as you slowly use the knife to cut through the skin. This ensures a consistent cut with no jagged edges, making the end result look like it was done by a chef.

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Be sure to also cut away from the stem, as this is the toughest part of the squash to slice. With this technique, it's important not to force the knife through the squash, as this could potentially cause accidents.

It's crucial to always use a sharp knife no matter what you're cutting. A dull blade can lead to slips and injury. Change your blade out often or use a sharpener when needed to maintain its integrity.

Judging from the comments of other TikTok users, this trick has been a long time coming. "I've been chopping my butternut squash like I'm a samurai," said one relieved commenter. "Wow — I'm no longer going to die in a freak butternut squash knife-related incident," wrote another.

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