This Kitchen Trick Lets You Cut Bell Peppers Without Getting Seeds Everywhere

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Many of us know what it's like to cut a bell pepper, only to be left with a mess of tiny seeds. This can be pretty annoying, whether you're cutting multiple veggies for dinner or preparing a simple snack. Besides, who wants their bell peppers with a side of seeds? Not us, thanks. That said, we're big fans of a certain bell pepper cutting technique that's popular on TikTok.


Video of the Day

In a viral video, TikTok user @wellbymel_ demonstrates the hack. First, you chop off the stem, so that the top of the bell pepper can lay flat on a cutting board. Next, you slice along the curved grooves of the pepper, top to bottom. This allows you to pull apart the bell pepper in segments while leaving the mass of seeds intact. From there, you can cut off each segment and prepare them as needed. So, so easy!

It's worth noting that some bell peppers might be extra bumpy or uneven on top. In this case, even if you were to cut off the stem, the top of the pepper might not lay flat on the cutting board. You can bypass the situation by slicing off the top part of the pepper — just below the bumps — so that it lays flat on the board.

And just like that, you can have your bell peppers and eat them too.

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