IKEA's Newest Collection Embodies Mood Lighting and Quirky Shapes

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Wait a minute — is high-design IKEA a thing? With the company's newest collection, we certainly think so. On February 1, the beloved retailer will launch VARMBLIXT, a luxe yet affordable line of 20 products by Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis. And, boy, are the first images of the assortment breathtaking.


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Ranging in price from $1.99 to $169.99, the collection spans lighting, serving materials, furniture, and decor, with each piece featuring a distinctive silhouette.

"Our vision was to continue building off the idea of blending design with sculptural objects in the creation of VARMBLIXT," IKEA creative leader Henrik Most said in a press release. "It's a collaboration connected to the functional aesthetics of our space while inspiring people to add purposeful and versatile objects to the home."


The four light fixtures in the collection — including one piece that showcases Marcelis' signature donut shape — are particularly noteworthy.

"I wanted to take an unexpected approach to exploring the idea of how lighting functions within the home, and to inspire people to consider new shapes and elements which blend into different types of interior spaces," Marcelis said in a statement.


For entertaining, the collection includes quite a bit of glassware, including sculptural champagne coups and dishwasher-safe glass drink stirrers, as well as one of the sleekest-looking bottle openers we've ever seen.


The last part of the collection covers furniture and decor, from a set of chunky cylindrical coffee tables to sunset-gradient wool rugs and scroll-like glass trays.

You may want to bookmark this tab on the IKEA website so you can get a first look when the collection goes live on February 1. We wanted you to be the first to know.


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