Broste Copenhagen Just Revealed a Quirky New Lighting Collection

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Lighting can really make or break a room. While the primary purpose is, of course, to illuminate your space, the aesthetics of the fixture are also important. So why not brighten things up with some quirky lighting? Scandinavian brand, Broste Copenhagen, covers a wide range of products including candles, lanterns, tables, and home textiles, but its latest collection is the definition of peculiar lighting — and you surely won't be disappointed.


The Copenhagen-based brand just released some minimalistic lampshades that are playful, bursting with color, and embody unconventional shapes. The assortment includes 11 pieces available as a pendant lamp, floor lamp, and table lamp, all in three colors: Pureed Pumpkin, Baja Blue, and Light Sand.

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"Whether your purpose is to create an understated, clean vibe or an atmosphere of cozy playfulness, we've ensured that no matter which lamps you select, they will make your home look welcoming — even when switched off," said the brand in a press release.

You can browse the full collection on the Broste Copenhagen website and its Connox shop, but you can get a sneak preview below. All prices have been converted from euros to dollars.



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