Sam's Club Hot Dog Combo Just Dropped Below Costco's Price

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Bulk retailers like Sam's Club and Costco have a lot going for them, but the convenience of buying everything in one place has been elevated by each respective food court. With inflation on the rise, it seems like we can't catch a break. However, in a very relieving press event, Costco's CFO assured loyal customers that the iconic hot dog and soda combo will remain under that sweet $2 price point — but the retailer may have just met its match.


Sam's Club just announced that its own hot dog combo has dropped down to $1.38 from the former $1.50. The decrease comes during the holiday season, when members will be flocking to the store to grab hosting items, gifts, and food to to feed their entire extended family.

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With such a low cost, Sam's Club does not skimp on quality. The retailer uses Member's Mark Beef Franks which are sold in store and boast a 4.8 out of 5 rating on the Sam's Club website. Each hot dog is made of high-quality beef without any added ingredients such as MSG or artificial flavors. The pairing also includes a 32-ounce beverage.

"New lower price," Sam's Club said in an advertisement on its website. "Same great hot dog and drink combo. Frankly, it can't be beat." ‌Frankly‌ — get it?

While both Sam's Club and Costco offer low-cost meat for their devoted members, there seems to be a bit of a price war going on between the two. Hey, maybe Costco will be next.



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