This Mouthwatering Recipe Combines Two Fall Breads Into One

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If you had to choose between banana bread and cornbread, which would you go for? It's a toss up! Banana bread has that perfectly moist texture from the gooey bananas, while cornbread hits that perfect ratio of sweet and salty with buttery undertones. But what if we told you there was a way that you could have both at once? Thanks to an innovative recipe from chef Alix Traeger (@majortraeger), now you can have your banana bread and eat your cornbread too!


"What would happen if banana bread and cornbread had a baby?" Traeger asks at the beginning of her video. She then shows us step-by-step how she prepares the banana cornbread loaf along with the honey caramelized walnuts that she adds to the dough, and the salted honey butter she spreads over a warm slice fresh out of the oven.

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"I think I just created my signature banana bread: BANANA CORNBREAD with honey glazed walnuts lathered in salted honey butter," Traeger writes in the caption of her video. "It's everything I love so much about banana bread: not too sweet but just sweet enough, that moistness and richness with added texture from the cornmeal, PLUS those honey glazed walnuts!"

Other users have expressed their adoration of this recipe in the comments section of the post. One writes, "What an epic dish!" and another says, "My mouth is watering!!!"


Well, we're sold! This hybrid bread would definitely be delicious year-round, but the coziness of fresh bread kind of feels particularly perfect for this time of year. Interested in joining us in trying to bake this yourself? The full recipe can be found on Traeger's website.



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