This Drink Hack Will Take Your Sunday Brunch to the Next Level

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If you never thought something as simple as a mimosa could be hacked, you thought wrong. Yes, mimosas have just two ingredients — sparkling wine and orange juice — but as Paul Ryu (@ryusauce) shows us in a viral TikTok video, you can up your mimosa game with a simple trick.


Just freeze orange juice into ice cubes and pour your bubbly over it.

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Now, your mimosa will stay perfectly cold without getting diluted. (In case you were wondering, there are plenty of similar ice cube hacks for things like iced coffee or fruit-infused water.)

Of course, commenters were quick to point out the ratio of bubbly to juice. "That's too much orange juice," wrote one.

However, here's the thing — you can use any size ice cube in any shape that you want.

"Make that orange juice ice ball the size of a single sonic [sic] ice pellet and we're golden," suggested another commenter.


We have to admit, though, the ice sphere does look rather nice (albeit a little bit like an egg yolk).

So, if you're going the ice sphere route and want to improve that sparkling wine–to-orange juice ratio, we suggest opting for smaller ones to allow room for a little more champagne. Problem solved! (But please drink responsibly, folks.)



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