The 3 Biggest Home Decor Trends for Fall 2022, According to a Style Expert

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Fall is here and so are the latest and greatest seasonal trends. And what better person to give us the full scoop than an expert in the home decor sphere? Suki LaBarre, vice president of merchandising and e-commerce at abc carpet & home, is here to break down the three biggest design trends of autumn 2022. Think you can guess them? Keep scrolling for all her thoughts plus a handful of accompanying shopping picks.


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1. Welcome bold colors into your space.

"During the pandemic, everyone was cocooning and investing in making their home cozy, peaceful, and meditative. Now, as we reemerge into a social world, people are taking more risks with their decor to make their spaces feel exuberant and celebratory, primed for gathering with friends and family. Customers are now gravitating toward bold and unexpected color combinations in general. Specifically, shades of ochre — like yellow, gold, rust, and aubergine — have been particularly popular."


2. Embrace a blend of vintage and new.

"[We have] always celebrated the pairing of vintage or antique pieces with new, artisanal products ... [and] have seen customers really embrace this trend by contrasting vintage and contemporary items — this not only adds visual appeal but lends to storytelling in your home."


3. Don't be afraid of mismatched prints.

"Incorporating print and pattern is an easy way to add texture or dynamic elements to your space. This can be anything from a textured fabric in a neutral palette or an unexpected combination of mismatched prints."



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