Coastal Cowgirl (TikTok's Lastest Microtrend) Is About to Take Over the Decor World

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Cottagecore, coastal grandmother, clean girl aesthetic ... the list of TikTok microtrends goes on and on, with new ones popping up and gaining popularity left and right. The latest and greatest? "Coastal cowgirl." While many of these viral aesthetics reach every corner of design — both fashion and decor — coastal cowgirl has really made its mark in the personal style domain. But we, here at Hunker, see so much potential for it to transcend into the home sphere.


TikTok creator @madeline.hagmann breaks down the core tenets of what they consider to be "the [clothing] aesthetic of spring and summer 2023." The general trends include cowboy boots, knits, frolic-worthy midi dresses, denim, and linen. Makes sense, right? But now you may be wondering how that translates into home decor. Here is our interpretation. Western motifs and patterns with coastal color schemes, consisting largely of blue, beige, and white. Nature-inspired designs, lots of linen, denim-looking fabrics, plaids, and of course a cowboy hat or two. Here are eight of our top picks that perfectly embody this moment in design.

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