Trader Joe's Has a New Drink Kit Fans Are VERY Excited About

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Boba has taken the world by storm — and rightfully so. Who wouldn't want a refreshing drink paired with chewy tapioca balls? The drink was originally created in the 1980s in Taiwan, but there is debate over which specific Taiwanese city it actually bloomed in. Boba shops have popped up all over the United States since then, but now you don't have to head to a local bubble tea cafe to get your boba fix.


Trader Joe's is now selling an instant boba kit, complete with tapioca pearls and even the iconic wide straws. Found in the frozen section, this vegan and gluten-free kit includes four boba pouches and four paper straws. The actual pearls are made from cassava starch, also known as yuca. Aldi and Costco have already released boba kits, and now our favorite trader, Joe, has finally hopped on the bandwagon.

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"Simply pop a pouch of the pearls in the microwave for about a minute, then add them to a glass of milk or non-dairy beverage along with ice, a sweetener of your choice, and some optional matcha, coffee, or black tea (or any other flavors you fancy)," Trader Joe's shared on Instagram. "Bam! Instant boba."


Users took to the comments to express their excitement. "Making a u-turn and heading back to TJ's real quick," wrote one, while another said, "You know where I'm heading tomorrow."

Trader Joe's has it all. If you're planning your next trip to the store to pick up some boba, add these Trader Joe's favorites to your list, too:



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