This New Trader Joe's Cheese Is Made With a Surprising Ingredient

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You can always count on Trader Joe's to release deliciously creative products. For example, the beloved retailer recently released dill pickle seasoning and sparkling pineapple juice, both of which sound amazing. And now, it appears the store is offering yet another interesting product: limoncello-flavored gouda cheese.


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In case you're unfamiliar with limoncello, it's a lemon liqueur from Italy. The liqueur is bright yellow, fragrant, and tastes like actual sunshine. Traditionally, limoncello is enjoyed chilled and on its own, but some people like using it in cocktails.

According to the Trader Joe's website, the limoncello gouda cheese is a product of the Netherlands. It's also made with real limoncello from Sicily, an island in Italy. Additionally, the cheese is described as a "semi-firm gouda with bright-but-balanced notes of zippy Sicilian lemons and a creamy, unforgettable mouthfeel."


On Instagram, user @traderjoeslist shared the product, and people were intrigued. "I REALLY like it. [It's] very good and lemony," said one shopper who tried the cheese. Meanwhile, other people weren't a fan of the lemon taste, noting that it didn't really taste like gouda.


That being said, you'll probably love this cheese if you happen to adore strong citrus flavors. However, it's limited edition, so you'll want to stop by Trader Joe's ASAP. It also costs $11.99 per pound, though the exact price might vary by location.

How to serve Trader Joe's limoncello gouda cheese:

According to some folks who have eaten the cheese, it would work well in summer charcuterie board. We love that idea!

You can also try the following ideas:

  • Grate the limoncello gouda over pasta, salad, or grilled veggies
  • Top your favorite salmon or shrimp dish with shaved limoncello gouda
  • Pair it with crackers or dark chocolate
  • Enjoy the cheese with blueberries or blackberries

This cheese would also be perfect for brightening up your go-to cream sauce. Yum!