This Laundry Rack Will Save You Space Where You Need It Most

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With so much seemingly unavoidable clutter around the house, we'll take any opportunity to preserve some square footage. We have tackled space-saving ideas for the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, but now it's time for a spot where it seems like disorder is commonplace: the laundry room.


TikToker @the.hoss.homestead showed off their absolutely mind-blowing product. In order to save space in their laundry room, the creator has a wooden drying rack that lowers down from the ceiling by using a pulley. They show themselves hanging jeans to dry and then pulling the rack back up so the pants are hanging from the ceiling. Pretty genius, right?

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The creator is selling the product for $269 on Etsy. The rack comes in two sizes and various colors along with all the pieces needed to install like the pulleys and connection screws. The product has a five-star rating with comments highlighting that it's easy to install and is wonderful quality.


If you're looking for a slightly cheaper option, you can try out this laundry lift from Target for $24.99.

TikTok users were flooding the comments with their approval for the drying rack and some even chimed in to say that this tool is common in homes around the world. One wrote, "Every Scottish household had these in the '80s/'90s." Another said, "We've had them in Poland for the past 70 years." Brazil and Portugal were other countries that were mentioned by name.


Another commenter made an important PSA about the product. "If you have little ones or pets, make sure to secure the cord high enough so there's no risk for strangulation."

Well, there you have it. You'll be on your way to a clutter-free laundry room in no time.



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