This Clever Martha Stewart Recipe Lets You Make Cake Without a Cake Pan

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We love a good homemade cake, but let's face it ... sometimes, the standard circle cake can be pretty boring. This is especially true if you want to make something unique for a special event. But before you buy a new mold or pan, you might want to consider using a mixing bowl instead. Yes, really!


Video of the Day

Hear us out: On Instagram, @marthastewart shared a brilliant cake recipe called a cherry-cheesecake celebration bombe. The dessert, which was published in the June 2021 edition of ​Martha Stewart Living​, is prepared in a mixing bowl, resulting in a beautiful dome cake.

Specifically, the dessert is a four-layer cake made of "no-bake cheesecake batter, a blend of freeze-dried cherries and cookie crumbs, ice cream spiked with cherry syrup, and a tender sponge cake," according to the Martha Stewart website. The layers are prepared in a freezer-safe bowl, then frozen until solid. Finally, the cake is unmolded from the bowl, and the cheesecake layer is covered with even more cookie crumbs. Yum.


What's more, you can make this recipe entirely no-bake by using a round store-bought sponge cake. The trick is to find one that fits perfectly into the opening of your bowl. Another option is to use a classic yellow or chocolate cake, if that's all you can find.


Needless to say, we love the idea of using mixing bowls as freezer cake molds. To recreate the cherry-cheesecake celebration bombe, visit the Martha Stewart website here.

What else can you use as cake molds?

Of course, mixing bowls aren't the only items that can double as freezer cake molds. A bread loaf pan works just as well, as proven by this lemon icebox cake recipe by The Sweet Occasion. Similarly, a muffin tin is perfect for making mini ice cream cakes, which is ideal for kids. These options are ideal if you're serving a small crowd — or if you simply have limited space in your freezer.