This Waterfall Sink Is Incredibly Mesmerizing

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Image Credit: Melanie Rieders

Technology is advancing faster than we can spell check the word "technology." With so many new products like office chairs and bed-making tools, you probably neglect to think of other places in your home that could use an upgrade. Take the kitchen sink, for example.


Just when you thought there was no way to make the place where you wash dishes any more exciting that it already is, a company that makes sinks, Bliote, shared one of their creations on TikTok that had users begging to know more.

Video of the Day

The video shows what looks like an average kitchen sink until the faucet turns on and water gently streamlines out of the sink horizontally. Yes, ​horizontally​.


The sink user snuggly slides a strainer into the sink with some veggies that they can easily clean with the water coming out in this direction. It seems to create more of an even rinse, instead of submerging your produce with water from above.


Next, the user slides a cutting board into the sink that they can effortlessly slip over the strainer when they decide they want to block the water. Genius, right?

The sink can also work like one does in your average kitchen, with running water coming down from the faucet and even a movable head that appears to have multiple water-intensity settings.


TikTok users were quick to take to the comments expressing their love for the product. One even wrote, "when vegetables have a nicer bathtub than me..." The truth has been spoken.

You can snag one of these sinks from the Bliote website, or there are a couple Amazon options to shop as well including this farmhouse sink and this stainless steel sink. While these two sinks don't have built-in waterfall faucets, they do come with attachable cutting boards, racks, and strainers. Washing produce has never been so beautiful.



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