10 Integrated Sinks That Are Picture Perfect

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Farmhouse sink, you know we love you, but we have to admit: We're really feeling the look of integrated sinks these days.


"The beauty of integrated sinks is that they [look] clean and seamless," says Santa Monica-based interior designer Daleet Spector. "There is no space between the sink and the counter material for grime or bacteria to develop. They are easy to clean and provide a beautiful uninterrupted view for the eye."

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So, while you might not have a kitchen or bathroom reno on your radar, and have no plans on adding an integrated sink any time soon, we still think these inspiring pics can be future goals. Or at the very least, just something really lovely to look at today.

Marble Integrated Sinks

Why you'll love one: "A marble integrated sink can really emphasize the natural beauty and veining of the stone. With no distracting seams, the eye can take in the luxe and elegant beauty of the stone material," says Spector. And while plenty of people create their kitchen integrated sink out of marble (and we're all for it, especially after looking at these pics below), Spector suggests, "It can get pricey, so choosing a less highly trafficked area, like a wet bar or powder room, makes a beautiful design statement while providing less wear and tear to the sink."


Match it to its surroundings.

Why not match your marble on the floor with a marble integrated sink. And for a dramatic effect, float it.


Go bold with intricate marble veining.

The texture, the veining. This sink is simply stunning.



Or opt for something a little more subtle.

We're getting European vibes here, and we like it. This sink and the fixtures are utterly charming.


Choose an unexpected color.

This marble slab with shades of pink is like a work of art, and makes this smaller-sized kitchen feel like it's the most important room in the home.


Highlight gorgeous veining with complementary accents.

Proof that Parisians have great taste. We love the brass accent piece that beautifully melds into the integrated sink and counter in this Paris apartment.


Integrate a drainboard alongside your sink.


The designers of this home opted out of adding a dishwasher, but they did opt for adding a 1,763 pound marble counter and integrated sink. It's all about priorities.


Stainless Steel Integrated Sinks

Why you'll love one: "A stainless steel integrated sink has a more functional and industrial feel," Spector says. "If your kitchen gets lots of use and you want a no nonsense solution, this is a great option for you."

Make it big enough to lay down a cookie sheet.


A stainless steel sink fully integrated into the stainless counter was a "must have" for this homeowner's kitchen remodel. Also, it had to be big and study enough to handle her heavy pots and pans. A home cook's heaven.

Marry it with complementary materials.

The mix of the tile and the warmth from the timber-veneer cabinetry balance and complement the stainless steel sink.


Concrete Integrated Sinks

Why you'll love one: "The look is minimal and luxurious," shares Spector.

Go for a dark color.

This dark colored concrete counter and sink definitely makes a statement. How striking does it look in this black and white kitchen?

Or stick with a lighter, brighter shade of gray.

A minimalist's bathroom sink dream.



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