13 Egg Trays and Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

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The egg is a breakfast staple— so much so it's often overshadowed by a fluffy waffle or sizzling piece of bacon. Luckily, trendy egg accessories are giving the humble egg a much-needed glow-up. Now, when everyone comes over for brunch, you can make your perfectly cooked eggs the star of the show. All it takes are these fun egg accessories.


Warning: Eggs are now going to become a major part of your kitchen aesthetic. Proceed with caution.

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1. RSVP Endurance Egg Spoons (set of 4), $7.99

Simple, classy, elegant egg spoons scream, "I have my life together!" Flaunt your kitchen savvy with these timeless utensils that effortlessly slip into an egg shell without damaging the prize.

2. Crate and Barrel Egg Crate, $6.95

Flat lay brunch pics, anyone? It's like you just came back from the farmer's market (even if the eggs came from the supermarket three weeks ago).


3. WD Bird-Shaped Egg Cup (set of 2), $15.99

Put some spring in your step with these adorable cups that are sure to add a little extra to your morning poached egg.



4. Williams Sonoma Egg Fry Rings Set, $19.95

You've been settling for loopy, lumpy, asymmetrical fried eggs for a long time. Now, you can enjoy the satisfaction of a perfect circle every time. (Not to mention this is the perfect shape for an egg sandwich.)


5. Sir Madam Egg Hammer Spoon & Marble Egg Cup, $68

These luxe marble egg cups are the cutest way to serve up your breakfast — note the spoon with a mini hammer attached (we can't deal with the cuteness).


6. The Egg Spoon Hand Forged Egg Spoon, $99

If leveling up your egg game was your spring goal this year, this is the spoon to invest in. Made of 100% copper, this spoon is designed to perfectly cook a single egg over a gas stove or an open fire.



7. Urban Outfitters Emma Egg Cup, $7

Are you a newbie to the egg aesthetic community? This simple cup will cradle your egg and help you start seeing why the craze is very valid.


8. Wood and Grain Designs Egg Holder, from $36

If you like to buy in bulk and have available counter space, may we recommend this open shelved unit? Choose between two sizes, for two dozen or three dozen, and get ready for your ombré eggs to become your latest decor piece.


9. Mosser Glass Grey Swirl Glass Deviled Egg Tray, $55

The perfect appetizer deserves its own tray. Embrace your fancy side and serve your deviled eggs with a side of the best hostess ever.



10. Anthropologie Appoline Egg Cup, $10

On gloomy mornings, sometimes you just need a whimsical egg cup to remind you that good days lie ahead.

11. Sur La Table, 5-Piece Egg Caddy, $29.99

Why buy one egg cup when you can have four? Serve the whole family a fancy breakfast with these minimal egg cups.

12. Crate and Barrel Dash Express Egg Cooker, $19.99

If a daily egg is part of your morning routine, get an egg cooker — like this bestseller — that makes it the ideal texture every single time.

13. Urban Outfitters Dylan Egg Tray, $24

Store your eggs in a wooden tray to organize and spruce up your space. The clean wood look will definitely complement your midcentury modern vision board.



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