Exactly What You Need to Make Outdoor Dining a Breeze While Camping

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If your family loves to camp, no stranger to cooking over a fire (or, you just love the smoky flavor of campfire food). And while it does have its charm, that doesn't mean it's easy.


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Unpredictable weather, lack of electricity and all the planning ahead can make cooking outdoors challenging to tackle — but not if you have these outdoor dining essentials from Walmart. From a fancy prep space to a portable sink, these are the items that can make outdoor fine dining a reality.

Coleman Adult Camping Chair with Built-In 4-Can Cooler, $34.99


"I prefer to stand while I eat," said just about no one ever. Packing enough chairs for everyone is a must for meal time, and these ones have built-in coolers for drinks so you can always have a cold beverage on hand.

VEVOR Camping Kitchen Table with Windscreen and Storage Organiser, $115.49


This portable prep space is like having a kitchen island on the go. It's got a windscreen to protect your in-process food, and plenty of cubbies for when you're setting up camp for multiple days.

Igloo Laguna Top Grip 24-Can Cooler Backpack, $29.97


Going hiking for the day? This cooler backpack makes it easy to pack a lunch and drinks, and carry them with you for a meal with a view. Pro tip: Take turns carrying it!

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Ozark Trail Instant Canopy, 10' x 10', $79.00


Having the sun shining directly in your eyes is not the most comfortable mealtime reality, which is why a canopy is a campsite must. Stick your table underneath, and you've got an official campsite dining room.

Ozark Trail 400 Lumens LED Electric Camping Lantern, $14.97


When your stomach starts growling after the sun goes down, you'll appreciate having a lantern or two with you. This one's battery powered (so don't forget to pack those, too!) and has high- and low-light settings.

Ozark Trail 24-Piece Dinnerware Enamel Set, $27.64


A staple for any camping trip, this four-piece tableware set covers off on all the practical things you'd need at mealtime: spoons, forks, knives, plates, bowls and mugs. They're durable, but compact and lightweight, too.

Coleman 1 Burner Butane Camping Stove, $42.07


There's always the option to start a campfire, but if you just want to whip up a quick meal (like boiling water for pasta, for example), a portable stove is super handy to have on hand.

Wakeman Portable Sinks, $7.96


While it might seem unnecessary, a portable sink can make the worst part of mealtime (washing dishes) a lot easier. And because it collapses down to just two inches in height, it's super easy to pack. Come dinnertime, you'll be glad you did.


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