These Camping Accessories Are So Extra and We Love Them

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When it comes to camping, you can get super rustic with it. You can survive with just a tent, sleeping bag, and a supply of sustenance — but why would you want to? Once you have acquired the absolute best essentials, you should go for the extras.


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These are accessories that you most certainly do not need, but will also definitively make your experience more fun and luxurious. A special guitar designed for travel? A fancy outdoor espresso maker to jumpstart your morning hike? Just trust us.

1. Camp Chef Everest 2X High-Pressure Stove, $114.99


While there is something romantic about roasting hot dogs on sticks over the fire, you'll quickly realize that you can do better. With this super powerful camping stove, you can whip up a restaurant-style meal in the middle of the wilderness. The matchless ignition system fires up seamlessly, and the nickel-coated steel grate can support all pots and pans. Don't worry about windy conditions either — the cast aluminum burners can handle it.


2. Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Portable Toilet, $73.45

A bear does sh*t in the woods, but you don't have to. Combine this handy portable toilet with an all-important privacy chamber (see below) and you'll have your own personal bathroom whenever you need it. The stable tripod will provide comfort as you do your business and the hygienic design ensures you won't have to come in contact with any waste.


3. Geyser Systems Portable Shower with Heater, $324.95

Sure, a solar shower is better than no shower, but this is better than both. The built-in heating system heats water in 15–45 minutes and an intuitive LED dashboard alerts you when the water is hot and ready to use. Reliable, consistent water flow lasts for 15 minutes and there is a trusty control valve that lets you customize pressure. You'll never feel cleaner.


4. Roofnest Roof Top Tent, $2,895

A roof top tent will bring your sleep setup to the next level — literally. This waterproof roof top tent includes a built-in gear storage area, solar panel mounting area, and ladder mounts on all three sides to it's easy to access. Plus, it can sleep two adults and pops up automatically, so you can spend your time relaxing.


5. Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen, $129.95

If you're going to cook an elaborate, al fresco meal, a picnic bench won't cut it for prep work. You'll want this decked out kitchen, with two aluminum roll-top table stations, two foldaway side tables, and a detachable storage compartment. Its lightweight yet sturdy frame is easily assembled and its adjustable legs accommodate uneven surfaces, so you can set it up anywhere.


6. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic Travel Guitar, $300

Of course, a full-sized guitar is too large and bulky to bring on a camping trip. This travel version is 31% shorter and 43% lighter so that you can create sweet, acoustic music anywhere you go. Though it might look like half of an instrument, it's engineered to provide the same playing experience as the real thing. Campfire singalongs are simply better with accompaniments.


7. VSSL Adventure Flask, $95

Getting tipsy is an important part of camping and this adventure flask helps you do it right. The cylindrical vessel is sleek, compact, and basically indestructible. It's also watertight and equipped with two stainless steel, collapsible shot glasses that miraculously fit inside. Plus, it doubles as a flashlight, so you can make it back to your tent in one piece.

8. Wacaco Minipresso GR, $49.40

A true caffeine marvel, this small, portable espresso machine weighs under a pound. It's operated by hand, so the pill-shaped contraption doesn't require any battery or electric charge. All you have to do is add hot water and ground coffee, then pump to pressurize and extract. You might just need a shot or two after a night of sleeping on the ground.

9. WolfWise Pop-Up Shower Tent, $65.99

Whether you want to change your clothes, shower, or go to the bathroom, this privacy chamber has got your back. It pops up and folds down in seconds, features a mesh top for prime ventilation, and is made of a water repellent, UV protection fabric to keep the elements at bay.