This Is the New Iconic Office Chair

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Herman Miller is known for its iconic, comfortable office chairs, which is why the brand's newest offering is so exciting. With design firm Studio 7.5, the brand is launching the Eames-inspired Zeph Chair, a colorful addition to Herman Miller's lineup.


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Zeph was specifically created to bridge the gap between Herman Miller's midcentury design style and the ergonomic technology found in modern office chairs. The sculpted, 3D-printed seat pays homage to the Eames Shell chair, and underneath, you'll find technology that is customizable to all body types.

"Our ambition was to create an animated shell chair. What first sounds like a contradiction became possible by utilizing the inherent materiality of plastic: being flexible and capable of providing a spring-loaded mechanism," says Burkhard Schmitz, co-founder of Studio 7.5. "Zeph's joyful aesthetics provide surprising ergonomic benefits, too."


Right away, you'll notice Zeph's standout color palette, which was inspired by the optimism of Herman Miller's midcentury era. The chair can also be customized with 50% recycled polyester yarn upholstery as a seat pad or chair shell front. The best part: The material is removable, so it can be washed or colors can be switched out as time goes on.


Available as both a chair and work stool in eight colors with 30 seat pad upholstery options, Zeph can be purchased at Herman Miller locations and on in August. Its pricing starts at $495. Early next year, the brand will also be launching a side chair version of Zeph.


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