Bed-Making Becomes More Accessible With This $11 Tool

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Making the bed can be a real pain, especially when it comes to putting on the dreaded fitted sheet. There is just something about trying to tuck in all those corners that brings on a wave of annoyance. We've all been there.


But on the other hand, making the bed is one of those everyday tasks that people without disabilities rarely give a second thought. While a bothersome task, they can get the job done with ease (most of the time). Individuals living with disabilities may struggle with more than just the roadblock of mild frustration and Instagram user Carolina McCauley showed us a tool that could help.

Video of the Day

The video begins with McCauley showing off their $11 Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker from Amazon, a plastic tool with a handle that loosely resembles one half of a large scissor. You'll see them use the gadget to easily slide the sheets underneath the mattress.


While many users took to the comments section to express their distaste for a seemingly unnecessary tool, those with disabilities spoke up to share their gratitude that something like this exists. Some without disabilities even chimed in to advocate for those who do have disabilities.


"I thought this was ridiculous, but I got one anyway," begins Instagram user @udyjalla3. "What a help!!! My hands are ruined from years of mechanical work [so] it's extremely painful to make my bed. This 'silly' tool I use every day now and it saves me from so much pain!!"

"If a product doesn't make sense or seems lazy, remember there are disabled/chronically ill/elderly people [who] will benefit from this," explains @spookyelaineth.


"My initial thought was this is ridiculous, but I could understand for those who have difficulty lifting mattresses or utilizing their hands to tuck," shares @theladylavelle. "It could be very beneficial for them."

If you're interested in learning more about accessibility, here are a few resources to get you started:



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