12 Cool Match Strikers to Elevate the Candle-Burning Experience

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Candle lovers, listen up. We know you've been using shoddy matchbooks to light your wicks, and we're here to share a life-changing secret: there's a better way. With a textured match striker and high-quality, strike-anywhere matches, you won't have to try multiple times to produce a flame or watch flimsy cardboard matches break in your hand. Just a single swipe will successfully ignite your match and you'll be good to go.


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On top of the functional superiority of a solid match striker filled with sturdy wooden matches, the duo works beautifully as decor. Keep the pair on your coffee table or mantel beside your most beloved candle for a chic, sophisticated look. If you're convinced that a match striker should be your next home purchase, check out our 12 favorite match strikers that the internet has to offer.


1. Big Bell Ceramic Match Holder, $25

Handmade slowly in Sierra Madre, California, this ceramic match striker is complete with a playful, ridged silhouette and a gritty texture that facilitates lighting matches.


2. CB2 x Goop Curve Ball Match Striker, $49.95

Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness-focused lifestyle brand Goop collaborated with CB2 to create this glamorous match striker. The ribbed glass orb offers friction for igniting matches, which can be stored in the brass-finished stainless steel top.


3. Dicharry French Match Strike, $34

In late 19th-century Europe, match strikers were commonly found on bistro tables and bars. This vintage-style version honors that history with a ribbed, handpainted porcelain design.


4. Farmhouse Pottery Milk Bottle Match Striker, $45

We love the rustic, farmhouse aesthetic of this ceramic milk bottle match striker. The coarse, specially-blended stoneware makes it easy to light matches, which are included for convenient use and gifting.


5. Jonathan Adler Squirrel Match Strike, $45

For a funky animal motif, look to this white porcelain bisque squirrel match striker. The adorable woodland creature sculpture sits atop a frictional base while holding an acorn that you can fill with strike-anywhere matches.


6. Josh Owen Match Striker, $30

Industrial designer Josh Owen is behind this minimalist, cast iron match striker that cleverly includes a dish for matches to cool. If match markings occur, they can be removed with a soft cloth and a touch of olive oil.


7. Moore & Giles Match Striker, $230

Developed and cast in Virginia, this splurge-worthy match striker features a knurled brass top for striking matches, a rich Baldwin Oak leather middle, and a polished solid brass bottom that will patina elegantly over time.

8. Schoolhouse Ceramic Match Striker, $58

Texas-based artist Ryan McKerley individually throws and handcrafts each of these volcano-shaped, ceramic match strikers. Use the handy outside grooves for instant ignition.

9. Settlewell Handcrafted Concrete Match Striker, $34

Embrace an industrial vibe with this cylindrical, concrete match striker, which is handcrafted in California. The grainy bottom of the jar functions flawlessly for lighting matches, which are part of the package.

10. Skeem Match Cloche, $34

Choose from three hand-blown glass finishes — violet, moss, or white helix — for this gorgeous match cloche. The stunning transparent vessel comes with a strike-on-bottle flint and 120 matches.

11. Terrain Match Strike + Holder, $40

This earthy, solid copper match holder is simple and efficient. Its textured exterior is ideal for igniting wooden matches.

12. World Market Metallic Gold and Natural Dome Match Striker, $4.99

Budget shoppers, this affordable, two-toned match striker is for you. It's handcrafted with natural stoneware and a reactive, metallic glaze finish — and costs under $5.