10 Unique Candles That Are Too Cool to Light

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We love a fragrant, aromatic candle as much as the next gal, but there is a whole other category of candle that we're currently lusting after. The candle-as-decor-piece is a sculptural and eye-catching — yet often unscented — coffee table companion that enhances your curated style. It's not the floral jar of wax you burn to unwind — in fact, you might not even burn it at all. This aesthetically minded candle is there for its whimsical, avant-garde looks and, sometimes, nothing more. Yet if you do decide to light your squiggly candle aflame, rest assured the melted top will only add visual allure.


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1. Glaze Brushed Brass U Candle, $120

A sleek, brushed brass holder comes with this dynamic, U-shaped candle that's a quirky-yet-elegant upgrade from your average taper.

2. Shop of Happy Gifts Venus Candle, $11.20

This female figure candle is crafted in Ukraine to honor beauty and humanity. We think it belongs in the Ancient Greece exhibit at The Met.

3. Ester & Erik Cone Candles, Set of 2, $20

These Danish-made, freestanding cone candles remind us of how Dr. Seuss might imagine evergreen trees.

4. Melting Sweets Zig Zag Candle, $35

Hand-poured in California, this playful, wiggly candle is giving us major Memphis design vibes.


5. Graziani Italian Ball Candle, $16

Italian manufacturer Cereria Graziani uses lacquered paraffin wax to give its spherical, Christmas ornament-like candles a polished finish that resembles glass.

6. GreenTree Home Hand Poured Beeswax Pillar Candles (set of 3), $99

A trio of sculptural pillars, this set of pure beeswax candles comes straight from the Catskills.

7. HANDS Orange Orb (set of 6), $55

As these charming orb candles burn, the fire burrows into the center and creates a more "baroque" appearance.

8. HAY x Lex Pott Pillar Candle, from $45

Color blocked and stacked, these LEGO-esque candles come in all shapes, sizes, and hues.


9. HAY Spiral Candles (set of 6), $35

Like your favorite soft serve ice cream, these candles are swirled to perfection. We're sorry if you now want to eat them.

9. Lex Pott Twist Duo Standing Taper Candle, $40

With a curvaceous, twisted based, this dual-end taper candle by Netherlands designer Lex Pott is a marvel of physics and a work of art.

10. Maison Balzac Volute Candles (set of 2), $25

Made up of a succession of round volutes, these plant-based stearin wax candles are a festive addition to any surface.


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