6 Outdoor Offices We Want to Copy ASAP

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Working outdoors can be both refreshing and calming, and that hard day at the office suddenly becomes easier when you're not confined by four walls and zero fresh air. Wondering what an outdoor workspace can look like? Take a peek at these ideas from Instagram, which provide plenty of inspiration for curating your very own nature-based office.


1. Remember that simple is sometimes best.

We love how @atlanticbusinessinteriors kept this concrete patio minimalistic with Coalesse's Emu Heaven Series chair and a simple white desk. The pared-down setup makes it easy for the eye to focus on all the lush greenery behind the space, which is the whole point.

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2. Consider a comfy office chair.

Ideas for your next meeting or presentation can come when you least expect them, but we like to think that comfort is key. This outdoor office setup by @studiourbina will definitely help you feel at ease, thanks to the cozy throw pillow and blanket that complement the chair with a wide seat.


3. Embrace the shade with an umbrella.

If you've always enjoyed being in the middle of nature, consider following in @neilwilkinsx's footsteps by turning an outdoor dining set complete with a patio umbrella into your dream office. The umbrella will provide you with necessary shade, while your chosen outdoor view will make you forget you're actually working.


4. Let a shed double as an office.

The unconventional can be just what you need. These geometric outdoor office sheds created by @buzzispace protect you from the heat, but still allow you to enjoy the elements while going through your to-do list. And don't worry about your electronic devices — the structure helps limit the glare on your computer screen and phone.



5. Utilize a poolside chair.

Coworking space @ikigainairobi took advantage of its pool to create a simple but effective workspace. The wood recliner doubles as an office chair where you can work on your laptop, while the tree-stump-turned-side-table is perfect for having your phone and a beverage at hand. With this kind of space, focusing during work hours and then taking a dip in the pool after-hours becomes more of a reality.


6. Make use of a balcony.

There is nothing like working on a balcony with a panoramic view of the city. The custom laptop tables and benches from @iconmodern are perfect for working solo or having a meeting outdoors. Plus, the planters that line the guardrail add that pop of nature the balcony needs to truly feel like an open-air space.



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