We're Stealing These Decor Ideas From IKEA's Holiday Collection

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We can't wait until the holidays, especially since it means (safely) gathering and — the best part — bringing out all our festive decor.


If you're looking for new inspo, we're grabbing ideas from IKEA's recent Vinter holiday collection. The items are largely only available in stores, so you can grab them next time you shop for essentials. In the meantime, here's are some of the ideas we're bookmarking for the upcoming season.

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1. Embrace natural motifs.

Yes, we know that green is a predictable color for festivities, but we love the idea of a minimal green-and-white tablescape. This table runner is a great starting point. Pair it with clear glassware and white dinnerware for a laidback look. And, consider laying the table runner across the table instead of along the length of it for a twist on tradition.

2. Go for a minimal Scandi look.

This neutral space with pops of green is seriously chic. The Christmas trees really add a jolly vibe, without being too overbearing. Chic, monochromatic ornaments are hung from branches and also placed on the sideboard's surface. We love the idea of dressing the area near your favorite mirror.


3. Make the most of a small space.

If you don't have the square footage for a full tree, we're loving the look of this steel, green option. To achieve this setup, you just need some of your favorite books, a cheery poinsettia, and a little figurine or two.


4. Use vintage-inspired glassware to personalize drinks.

This tip is stylish and also great for reducing the need for shared drinks. Give your serving station a storied look by using mason jars, bottles with stoppers, and other glass containers that offer a subtle nod to the past. You can take it one step further by adding a guest's name to each bottle after you fill it with cider or juice for the evening's festivities.



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