These White Christmas Tree Decorations Are Perfect for Minimalists and Holiday Enthusiasts Alike

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For a classic approach to a transformative holiday haven, you can't go wrong with white Christmas tree decorations. They're simple, timeless, and perfectly versatile. Plus, white ornaments and trimmings are easy to find and deck the halls with, leaving you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the yuletide season instead of worrying about where you're going to find your decor.


In fact, these white Christmas tree decoration ideas will make your house feel like the center of cheer with minimal effort.

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1. Keep it simple and fresh.

The accents on Amber Thrane's evergreen are for those who want to keep the holiday aesthetic simple and fresh. The tree Christmas tree decor includes chic silver and white ornaments paired with a string of Christmas lights, and the collection of wreaths complement the look.

2. Use faux florals and ribbon.

This Christmas tree owes its soft elegance to the flower garland and white ribbons. To get the look, Jenna Sue Design wove six floral strands throughout the tree branches. She also made a DIY project of tying ribbon to each of the pinecones, turning them into the perfect complementary Christmas ornaments.


3. Go all in with white garland.

Even if you're not lucky enough to experience a white Christmas, this frosty garland will make you feel like it's snowing outside. The feathery accessory works perfectly with snowflake ornaments. Although the tree decor also includes pops of gold, the white garland still manages to star as the eye-catching holiday accent that absolutely can't be missed.



4. Add a white tree skirt.

This living room's natural palette extends to the Christmas tree decorations, which include a white garland, tree topper, and skirt. The three stockings and reindeer sculpture add a holiday touch to the mantel, too.


5. Pair white and beaded glass ornaments.

Tiny doves and beaded glass ornaments come together to make this minimalist-meets-modern Christmas tree from Kristina Lynne a vision in white. Added in the mix are a few twinkle lights, solid white balls, and frosted key ornaments. Additionally, the base of the fir is wrapped in a gorgeous hand-knit skirt.


6. Fold it up.

For an inexpensive yet stylish option, make a set of paper Christmas tree ornaments. All you need is standard white printer paper, cardboard, a glue stick, scissors, and string. The project is also easier than it looks, making it the perfect holiday DIY to work on while watching Christmas movies.


7. Decorate with oversized faux flowers.

You can never go wrong with floral elements, even during the Christmas season. White faux flowers are especially lovely on a Christmas tree, as they'll pop against the dark green backdrop. Take a tip from this setup and style a few oversized white flowers with a minimalist garland and simple ornaments.



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