How to Decorate Windows With Spray Snow

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Spray snow gives your windows a wintry look whether the weather outside is frightful or not. Available in aerosol cans in white or crystal, water-based spray snow creates a layer of frosty flocking on nonporous surfaces. When applying the snow to windows, protect the floor and surrounding walls, and hold the can about 12 inches from the surface. Read the manufacturer's directions and safety precautions before you start spraying, as drying times and cleanup instructions vary between products.


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Let It Snow

Use spray snow to mimic nature's winter artistry regardless of your climate. To create a look that's simple and classic, spray drifts of snow in the corners of each pane of a multi-paned window. From inside your home, it looks like a snowstorm has just blown through. If you prefer a less-subtle approach, cover windows with an all-over snowflake pattern. Use stencils or doilies to create delicate flakes across a large picture window. On a window that has many panes or an interior grid, spray a snowflake within each panel.


Winter Wonderland

A bay or bow window with a deep sill provides display space that can be enjoyed inside and out. Before you arrange your Dickens village or snowman collection on the sill, use spray snow on the windows to create a backdrop. Spray snow around the outer edges of the window to create a frosty frame for your winter diorama. Add spray snow evergreen trees, snowmen and other simple details. Use a light touch so the snow art doesn't obscure the scene from the outside. To make the most of the window's height, spray snow on glass ornaments and hang them from ribbons so they float over the scene.


Season's Greetings

Hand-lettered blackboard art gives interior walls and doors a sophisticated look. Use spray snow to give your winter windows a similar treatment. Choose a seasonal sentiment that suits your window's size and style. A large window can accommodate a long greeting such as "Welcome Winter" or "Happy Christmas to All." Spell out "Peace," "Noel" and other simple greetings in the panes of a gridded window. If you're artistic, spray the lettering on freehand in script or a decorative font. Use alphabet stencils, available in a variety of styles, if your penmanship needs some help. Spell the saying in reverse if you want it to be readable from the street. To finish, frame the greeting with snow swirls.


Get your kids in on the decorating with a window gallery. Children may be too young to manage an aerosol can, but they can use window markers to create a window scene that's a family project. Assign a window -- or a panel of a larger window -- to each family member and let him loose with washable window markers. When the kids are finished drawing, the grownups use spray snow to add details and highlights to the pictures. Spray snow on the branches of hand-drawn trees and into drifts at the base of the winter scenes. If your child draws a snowman outline, fill it in with spray snow. Use spray snow to fill the backgrounds of the drawings with flying snowballs.


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