Transform Your Regular Patio Setup Into a Scene-Stealing Spot for Al Fresco Dinners

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Scoring reservations at a scenic spot for dinner is the ultimate win, but going the DIY route and ​turning​ your outdoor space into said spot? Now, that's another level.


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Create your favorite family-style restaurant in your own back patio with just a few decor and serving essentials (more on these later), as well as a signature dinnertime drink: a fresh Bombay Spritz and Tonic infused with the delicious botanicals of Bombay Sapphire, orange vermouth, and tonic.

Ready to start planning your next outdoor get-together? Keep on scrolling for the decor essentials to transform your patio into a full-on al-fresco dining area.


Bombay Spritz and Tonic

  • 1.5 oz Bombay Sapphire
  • .5 oz Martini and Rossi Fiero
  • 5 oz premium tonic water
  • Orange wheel, for garnish

Fill a balloon glass with ice. Add Bombay, spritz and tonic, and stir well. Garnish with an orange wheel and enjoy.


Sorrento Outdoor Dining Table, $799

Any outdoor eating area needs ample seating, and this resin wood outdoor dining table will let all your guests gather comfortably.


Antiqued Brass Candlestick, $20

Nothing screams dinner under the stars like setting your tablescape with these brass candlesticks, which immediately provide a sophisticated backdrop worth clinking glasses over.


Azure Melamine 8-Piece Dinnerware Set, $76

Fun dinner parties require tableware that suits the occasion, and this sturdy ceramic set is the perfect mix of chill-meets-bold — so you can continue to enjoy them even when the outdoor-dining months are gone.


20- Piece Rush Brushed Gold Flatware Set, $99.95

There's really no explanation to it, but eating with golden silverware inherently makes the experience classier and cooler. Plus, your forks and spoons will jive with the rest of your tablescape's accent color.


Hammered Metal Planter, $30

Need an excuse to buy another plant baby? We got you. Opt for these metal planters and add them to your al-fresco set-up for a little more bright-and-bold golden-hue oomph in your tablescape decoration.


Vintage Edison Bulb Outdoor String Lights, $44.95

After hanging the final touch (aka these classic string lights) around your space, there's no denying it: Your patio is officially a fully operating at-home bistro.