What It Means to Be Part of the 'Vase Gang' on Instagram

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When we first heard of the "vase gang" or #vasegang, we immediately knew it was something we wanted to be a part of. The phrase-turned-hashtag was started by Elena Lohse of @thishouse5000 and Mallory Fletchall of @reserve_home. "Me and Mallory started it and it just sort of became a #!" Lohse tells Hunker. Together, they created a virtual place where vase collectors and decor enthusiasts can share photos of their finds.


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In particular, H&M's donut-shaped vase has been a fan favorite, along with other H&M Home, DIY, and vintage pieces in primarily neutral shades. But if that's not your style, there are plenty of other options. We'll start off with two recommendations Lohse sent our way and follow that up with some popular vases we've seen while falling down the #vasegang rabbit hole.


1. CB2 Celia White Vase, $26.95

Lohse's first pick is a true statement piece.


2. Zara Home Wide Mouth Vase, $59.90

As for Lohse's second pick, it's a bit more rustic and toned down.


3. West Elm Ceramic Totem 15" Vase, $50

We spotted the vase on the left, in white, on @cole_athome's Instagram.


4. Coconut Home Terracotta U-Shaped Vase, $65

We fell for this U-shaped vase on @thequeer_bungalow's feed. Theirs is from Holistic Habitat, where it's sold out, but we were able to find another one on Coconut Home's site.


5. Bloom Room Spring Half Moon Vase, $7.99

On @crheativ3's Instagram, we came across the white version of this half-moon vase. However, the yellow hue (which is the only one currently in stock) is perfect for spring and summer.


6. Beysis Femme Vase, $43.90

User @modernasianlife just introduced us to our new favorite vase.


7. Foekje Fleur Porcelain Bottle Vase #16 Salmon, $66.50

We now realize, thanks to @53houseplantsandme, that we need at least five of Foekje Fleur's bottle vases, which were created using plastic waste. Ah, so cute!

8. Areaware Jay Kirby Vase, $40

User @theamberbait makes a case for this quirky Areaware vase.

9. Afloral Blush Ceramic Arch Vase - 9" Tall x 6" Wide, $34

Feast your eyes on this arched beauty, which we found on @bebinterior's page.