This Is the Perfect Gift for Your 'White Lotus' Obsessed Friend

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If you're like us, you've been playing ‌The White Lotus‌ theme song on repeat since the finale of season two aired this past Sunday, analyzing every detail, moment, and character over and over again as you do so. Much like its first season, the second season of ‌The White Lotus‌ captivated audiences weekly with its nuanced characters and their dramatic dynamics. The show was set at a White Lotus hotel in Sicily, so of course, the writer and creator of the show, Mike White, was sure to embed Sicilian folklore into elements of the narrative as well.


In the first episode of the season, we're introduced to an ominous Sicilian tale, the Testa di Moro legend, that cautions men against cheating on their wives lest their heads be chopped off. As a reminder of this lesson, ceramic Testa di Moro head sculptures appear as motifs throughout the hotel and the show. Testa di Moro is a real Sicilian legend and so are these head sculptures. So, why not give one to the ‌White Lotus‌ obsessed friend in your life this holiday season? Albeit a bit eerie, these figurines feature lovely craftsmanship and serve as great conversation pieces within a space.

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To jumpstart your search, we've rounded up a few Testa di Moro sculpture options that are all available for purchase right now.



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