How to Take Care of Tulips in a Vase

Tulips are one of many kinds of flowers that can survive for days in a vase. Proper care is required in order to maximize the lifespan of cut tulips. Care includes regularly changing the water, checking water levels, keeping leaves and spouts cut, and regular cuts made to the stem. Tulips thrive on fresh water and can add color to any room.

Tulips come in many colors.

Step 1

Remove the tulips from the vase. Carefully cut off any foliage such as sprouts and leaves from the stems. Only cut the foliage off from the part of the stem that will be submerged in water.

Step 2

Empty the vase and fill with fresh water about 3/4 of the way up.

Step 3

Cut any white sections of the stems off. Cut about 1 inch off the bottom of each stem and immediately place the tulips into the water.

Step 4

Remove the tulips every three to four days and re-cut 1 inch off the bottom of each stem to encourage continued water uptake. Change the water as needed.

Maxwell Payne

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