5 Real Estate TikTok Creators Who Offer Valuable Tips and Tricks

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We love watching educational real estate videos on TikTok — mostly because we always learn something we never knew before (the dreamy houses and fun music are also a plus). So you can get in on all the real estate tips and tricks, we'll be including five real estate TikTok creators you can learn a lot from. Even if you're not looking to rent or buy a house right now, this is still handy information to have.


Video of the Day

From explainers to tips and home tours, Aragon offers it all on TikTok. The Arizona-based realtor's videos on how much you need to save for certain house prices are also super interesting, giving us a good idea of what real estate-ready finances should look like.

Lexi Church is a Virginia relator who offers beneficial real estate TikTok tips. As of right now, her most popular video is about when your first mortgage payment is ​actually​ due. We've already learned so much.

Gillund and Schmiel are Minnesota realtors who offer home-buying tips and answer questions on their TikTok account. Popular videos on their channel include "Things NOT to do when buying a home" and "4 things you can do to buy a house in your 20s." There is truly something for everyone in Gillund and Schmiel's collection of videos.

In addition to real estate facts, Erika Copeland (who appears to work in Maryland) also shares financial information and advice that will make you feel unstoppable. One of her recently popular videos is about minimum credit scores and down payments for different types of loans.

New Jersey real estate investor Ela Londono provides educational real estate and investment content on TikTok. In many of her videos, Londono writes out exactly what she's saying on paper, which is helpful for visual learners and those with hearing impairments. You can see this in her video on what you should know before buying your first rental property.


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