Affordable IKEA Items for Your Next Cleaning Spree

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Spring cleaning on your mind? Need to finally dust all those little corners and make your countertops shine?


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IKEA not only offers lots of decor inspo, the retailer also carries plenty of practical items. If you're gearing up for a cleaning spree, it can be a good idea to add some of these items to your cart along with the usual fun ones. The best part: They're all budget-friendly.

Check out some of our fave cleaning-related IKEA finds below.


1. Hildegun Dish Cloth, $0.49

If you're trying to ease up on paper towel use, this is a great solution — and it's less than $1.


2. Rinnig Dish Cloth, $0.99

Prefer a different color? These lovely green ones are also an option.


3. Rinnig Cleaning Gloves, $0.99

Protect those beaut hands with these useful gloves.


4. Tomat Spray Bottle, $0.99

This little spray bottle can help you tackle any room (and is great for refillable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions). Plus, it comes in three colors.


5. Svampig Sponge (pack of 3), $1.99

Stock up on the basics, thanks to this three-pack sponge option.


6. Blaska Dust Pan and Brush, $1.99

Sweeping up those dusty corners is more fun with this bright and budget-friendly find.


7. Ekoln Toilet Brush, $6.99

And don't forget the bathroom, too. This toilet brush is one of the more chic ones we've seen.

8. Skoghall Squeegee with Hanger, $9.99

Speaking of the bathroom, keep this squeegee on hand for those tile and glass touch-ups. It even comes with its own hanger.

9. Hållbar Bin with Lid, $5.99

If you're resolved to recycle and compost more, set up these bins before you start cleaning out your fridge to keep things organized.