Turns Out You Can Still Wrap Gifts Without Tape — Here's How

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If you've ever suddenly run out of tape in the middle of wrapping Christmas gifts or if you're simply trying to be more resourceful this holiday season, these wrapping paper hacks will save the day. Spoiler alert: No tape is required. Feeling mind blown? We know.


According to HappyFolding, the trick here is to use basic origami principles to wrap your present with whatever type of paper you want to use. It's all about creating the right creases to make a shape that will hold your gift.


While this hack has seemingly been floating around the Interwebz for years, it's recently been trending on other social media platforms including TikTok. And what better time to give it a try than now?

@4Ocean on TikTok shows us how to do our Christmas wrapping using twine to hold it all in place. Hint: See where you might be able to tuck your material in, instead of taping it down. Check it out here.

BRB, we're off to try these amazing hacks!



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