This TikTok Hack Is Perfect When You're Out of Gift Bags

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If you've ever found yourself running out of gift bags while wrapping presents, don't fret. We found a hack that'll help save the day, TBH.


After all, wrapping gifts for your friends and loved ones shouldn't be stressful. So, why not get a little creative with what's handy? We already taught you how to wrap your presents using no tape, now get ready for another hack that'll blow your mind.

As TikTok user @beeandblooms shows us in a two-part tutorial, you don't always need to spend money or make that last-minute trip to the store. If you still have wrapping paper left, that's all you need to create your own gift bag.


Just use some tape to hold it all together, a hole puncher, and a gift tag. "You can tape or staple shut ... or add a cute little candy cane," the caption suggests. That way, you can personalize any future Christmas gift bag in your own way!

Watch part 1 here and part 2 to get started.


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