How to Clean Off Butyl Tape

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A soft, clean rag will help loosen powerful butyl tape adhesives.

Butyl tape is an adhesive tape made from a rubber-like compound. It is a waterproof tape with corrosion-resistant properties, which makes it a good choice to use around windows, pipes and insulation. Butyl tape contains strong adhesives that can make it difficult to remove. It may take several attempts to fully remove all of the tape and any adhesive the tape leaves behind.


Step 1

Position a 1-inch putty knife, razor blade or scraper under the edge of the butyl tape. Lift upward to loosen the corner. Pull back on the butyl tape once you loosen the edge.

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Step 2

Mix hot water with a squirt of liquid dish soap. Soak a rag or cloth in the water and then set the cloth on the tape to saturate tape that becomes stuck and you cannot remove. This will help loosen the adhesive. Continue to lift up on the tape with the putty knife, razor blade or scraper until all of the tape is loose so you can remove it.


Step 3

Apply a quarter-sized drop of a commercial adhesive remover product on a soft cloth. Rub into any remaining adhesive. Allow the product to soak into the adhesive for five minutes, or as directed by the manufacturer's recommendations.

Step 4

Use a water-dampened cloth to wipe away the adhesive remover and remaining adhesive. Repeat this process until you remove all excess adhesive.

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