How to Remove a VHB Tape

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Things You'll Need

  • WD-40

  • Goo Gone

  • Warm water and lemon oil

  • Dry towel or terry cloth

3M's VHB tape is an industrial-strength bonding tape, designed to replace standard screws, welds and other more traditional methods of mechanical fastening. VHB tape is resistant to both ultraviolet rays from the sun and generally all other forms of weather interference. You can remove VHB tape using WD-40, Goo Gone or a simple mixture of water and lemon oil. Since 3M designed VHB tape to be irremovable, 3M also manufactures two devices, the Smart Tool and the Stripe Off Wheel, that are guaranteed to remove the VHB tape and residue from nearly any surface.


Step 1

Apply a moderate amount of WD-40, Goo Gone or a mixture of warm water and lemon oil to the corner of a clean, dry towel or terry cloth. All-purpose lacquer thinner may also be used, but can harm some surfaces if left on for too long.

Step 2

Fold the cloth over and gently buff the area containing the VHB tape. Apply a moderate amount of pressure and use small circular motions to remove the VHB tape and residue.

Step 3

Repeat this process until the VHB tape has been successfully removed. If this does not work, purchase either the 3M Stripe Off Wheel or the 3M Smart Tool. These products were designed specifically to remove VHB tape and VHB tape residue, and are self-explanatory in nature upon purchasing them.



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