How to Remove 3M Adhesive Tape

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Things You'll Need

  • Adhesive tape

  • Hair dryer

  • Credit card

  • Citrus-based cleaner

Removing 3M adhesive tape can be as simple as peeling it off. But, if the tape has a strong adhesive, or if it has been sitting on the material for a long time, you might leave a sticky residue behind. This residue can attract dust and dirt that can mar the material. Remove the adhesive along with the 3M tape to restore the item.


Step 1

Peel off the tape by pulling up each corner and peeling it to the center of the tape. This will limit the amount of residue on the taped material and will help make sure the tape doesn't rip.

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Step 2

Press another piece of tape over the adhesive and pull the tape off. This will remove some of the residue but may not remove all of it.


Step 3

Turn a hair dryer to high heat and concentrate the air over the residue. This will soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove.

Step 4

Scrape up the adhesive with the edge of a credit card.


Step 5

Spray a citrus-based cleaner onto any adhesive residue that is still on the material.

Step 6

Let the cleaner sit on the adhesive residue for several minutes to give it time to penetrate and loosen it.

Step 7

Wipe up the adhesive and the citrus-based cleaner with a clean cloth.