A Small Bathroom Door Is the Designer Trick You've Probably Never Considered, But Should

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If you're feeling a bit squeezed for space in your small bathroom, you've likely gotten really creative with every square inch. The pedestal sink instead of the vanity cabinet. The teeny-tiny shower in lieu of a big bathtub. Wall shelving as opposed to that freestanding storage unit.


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But there's one spot that you've probably not given much thought to, but could use a dose of creativity: the bathroom door. As it turns out, the door is a surefire way to save precious floor space in a small bathroom. Whether you're looking to maximize the small space you already have or you're starting from scratch with a bathroom remodel, you can majorly boost the functionality of your washroom with the right door choice.


Here's the main thing you'll want to focus on when pondering door ideas: Skip traditional designs. You see, when used for a small bathroom, a standard interior door could swing into your teeny space, which means it will feel even smaller than it already does.

If you're planning a remodel, we highly recommend considering these seven small bathroom door ideas.


1. A sliding barn door is always a good idea.

As you sift through small bathroom ideas, know that you can save space ​and​ pile on the charm, too. This can be accomplished with a sliding barn door. From farmhouse to modern interiors, a sliding door will look oh-so-stylish, and you'll be able to skip options that swing into your bath. We're particularly loving the fresh white door chosen by Emily Henderson.


Get the look:Ark Design II Paneled Manufactured Wood Barn Door With Installation Hardware Kit, $269.99

2. And two barn doors are even better.

For a twist on the classic barn door look, consider double sliding doors. It'll give your bathroom a bit of a "grand entrance" that's more eye-catching than a standard option, and with these steps from Thalita of The Learner Observer, you can DIY a pair in no time.


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3. Turn your barn door into a DIY challenge.

When it comes to barn doors, you should know that you can totally DIY one for your small bathroom. It's a great way to replace the less-than-desirable design that came with your house, while making your small bath seem bigger.


Get the look:Tutorial by Aniko of Place of My Taste

4. Include glass.

Whether you're installing French doors or a pocket door, glass is an effective way to trick the eye into thinking there's more room than there really is. Glass doors allow light to flow in, and give the illusion of bonus space, something that Chris and Julia of Chris Loves Julia embraced in this small bath.


Get the look:Calhome Frosted Glass Barn Door With Installation Hardware Kit, $360.05

5. Opt for French doors.

French doors are another way to save space in a small bathroom. Since they swing out, they won't take up any of your hard-to-come-by floor space, and they look so elegant and luxe. We're digging the deep shade of teal used in this space belonging to Erin Kestenbaum. Plus, if you're making over a closet and looking to remove bi-fold doors, French doors are a perfect alternative.


Get the look:Renin Euro 3-Lite Glass Pivot Door, $408.80; Northern Edge Woodshop Custom Built Glass French Doors, starting at $1,699

6. Install sliding doors on either side.

Here's a ​super clever​ way to approach a sliding door — install one on either side of a small corner bath. These doors picked by Kim Lewis Designs beautifully serve as home decor while saving space, too.


Get the look:Wood Crafted by Anton Hand Carved Farmhouse Barn Door, $1,099; Mad River Tables Sliding River door, message seller for quote

7. Choose the tried-and-true pocket door.

For a small bathroom, how about making the door disappear altogether? A design that tucks neatly into a pocket is the ultimate space-saver. And since it doesn't have a doorknob, it's nearly invisible when not in use. We really like the blueish-gray shade selected by Anisa and Casey of Truth & Co. for this powder room's pocket door.

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