The 4 Types of Bathroom Door Locks That Provide Ultimate Privacy

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If you've just finished a bathroom renovation, before you close the door on the project, there's likely one more functional area of concern — the types of bathroom door locks


Most homeowners want privacy in their bathrooms, so the door needs to lock. But you don't necessarily need the security found in the locks at the entry points to your home. Then again, forego the lock for a passageway door and you could have guests or kids waltzing inside and interrupting some much-needed private time.

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Depending on the style of door or doorknob, you can keep the privacy of your bathroom sacred with a sliding door lock, turn-button lock, push-button lock, or privacy pin lock.


1. Bathroom Locks for Sliding Doors

Pocket doors are sleek and space-saving, so it's no wonder they're a popular option for the bathroom door. When opened, the door gracefully slides into a pocket in the wall and disappears from view. When closed, the pocket door can have a privacy lock in a couple of different styles.


Doorknobs and locks on pocket doors are designed to be flat against the door so they don't obstruct the door from sliding closed. Round pocket door locks fit into traditional cuttings in your door. Square pocket door locks will likely require a section to be cut from the door during installation.

The enthusiastic do-it-yourself renovator can buy a pocket door installation kit and create the pocket door with the lock and doorknob finish and style that perfectly matches their style.


2. Turn-Button Bathroom Locks

Turn-button privacy locks are common and practical. These locks are commonly available on standard round knobs as well as lever handles. Doorknob locks by pinching the button between two fingers and rotating.



From the outside, you can unlock the bathroom door by inserting a coin or another slender item into the slot and rotating it. Lever handles often have a hole on the outside into which you insert a small screwdriver-like tool (sometimes with a forked end); this engages with a tab inside the lock that you rotate.

3. Push-Button Bathroom Locks

The push-button bathroom lock provides a tad more modern experience when locking the bathroom door. A push of the button in the center of the doorknob or handle activates the lock.


In case of an emergency, the outside of the door features a small hole about 1/8 inch in diameter. Many push-button doorknobs come with a pin that can be inserted to disengage the lock. If you lose the pin, a paperclip or jewelry screwdriver can be used instead.

4. Privacy Pin Bathroom Locks

The privacy pin lock is commonly found on lever door handles. The minimal footprint of the locking pin creates a sleek aesthetic. To use this lock, look either above or below the lever handle for a small pin and press it. When the lever handle on the inside of the bathroom is depressed, the door should automatically unlock.

Like the bigger push-button locks, the doorknob set should come with an emergency key that can unlock the door from the outside.



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