7 Simple Boot Storage Solutions That Go Beyond a Messy Pile On the Floor

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As the chill of winter sets in and we trade our light summer footwear in for cozier options, a fresh problem arises: Where to house them all? Certainly, your closet can't be the bearer of all your winter gear. And if you, like us, can't deal with a mudroom or hallway lined with shoes, then a few boot storage ideas are in order. Whether you're looking for a DIY or just a simple buy, the seven clever solutions ahead will definitely spark a little inspiration.


1. Use a basket.

If you prefer to keep your boot storage concealed, follow Studio McGee's lead and outfit a built-in unit or cabinet with tall baskets that can fit beneath a seat or on a shelf. Store your most-used boots there for easy access and a clean finish.

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2. Repurpose what you own.

Before jumping to invest in a fresh boot storage solution, take a peek around the house and see if there are any existing items that you can repurpose. We're loving this split cabinet from Diana Elizabeth, which includes a series of cubbies that are perfectly sized to hold her family's collection of wellies.


3. Hang them upside down.

Lacking floor space? Take to the walls with this design-forward boot storage idea from Etsy retailer A and B Furniture UK. Perfect for rain boots, big and small, the solid oak rack is available in different sizes that can fit up to six pairs. And bonus: It can even double as a place to hang your umbrellas or coats.


4. Put a lid on it.

If you're looking for a more permanent boot storage fix — one that works in the off-season as well — consider housing them in transparent lidded bins, like the creative organizers over at The Home Edit did. While this may take up a little more space, it'll be significantly more streamlined and even easier to seek out the pair you want.



5. Go below.

Whether it's a built-in or a store-bought perch in your entryway, using the empty space below the seat is one of our favorite storage ideas. The lengthy, wooden seat spotted in this dreamy English home on Todhunter Earle has ample room below to store an array of boots in perfect order. Bonus points for the fact that it's also easy on the eyes.


6. DIY a tray.

If you're looking for boot storage that pulls double-duty — i.e. catches whatever riffraff or random leaf you accidentally bring home — a tray is the way to go. DIY one à la Erin from Earnest Home Co. by finally putting to use that collection of wine corks you've been saving for a rainy day.


7. Stand them up.

Holding form is an important component of boot storage, which is why we're big fans of this handy rack from Target. It can fit at the bottom of any closet and it provides two layers of support for each shoe, allowing it to stand tall without flopping over into a hot mess.



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