These Carriage Style Garage Doors Are the Definition of Timeless

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Residential garage doors are rarely deemed the focal point of an exterior and far too often, they're left as an afterthought. It's time to change that. Sure, they might not be the most exciting feature to tackle — after all, the landscaping and the actual color of the house tend to be the first things we notice. That said, put a little extra thought into the design, and garage doors can instantly up your curb appeal with a whole lot of flair. Unlike the streamlined minimalist designs that primarily focus on functionality, carriage house style garage doors feature a more storied finish with rustic charm to boot.


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Dating back to the 18th century, carriage houses served as storage units — think of it as the precursor to a garage — and were characterized by swing-out doors. Fast forward a couple of centuries and the style has evolved, becoming a trendy antidote to all of the run-of-the-mill options on the market. They also fall under the label of barn doors. Some hallmark characteristics are undoubtedly hinged doors (though they are available as a regular roll-up as well), windows at the top, a solid wood composition, and handles in the center. And the best part? They're versatile and can translate across a wide variety of aesthetics — modern and farmhouse included. Intrigued? Read on for a few of our favorite carriage style garage door ideas.

1. Keep it continuous.

This charming dwelling spotted on Rafterhouse pairs carriage garage doors with a laidback ranch style home, complete with board and batten siding and bold decorative hardware. Take a cue from this scene and incorporate details from your home's exterior (think vertical lines, colors, or window shapes) in the door design for a cohesive finish.

2. Go bold.

Looking to make a statement? A high-contrast exterior will definitely do the trick. While the modern farmhouse architectural style of this dwelling by the creatives of 3North is eye-catching enough, it's the black carriage style garage doors with their streamlined details that take it to the next level.


3. Play the blues.

You can't really go wrong with colorful carriage garage doors, especially if the hue is as captivating as the blue shade used in this design by Evergreen Carriage Doors. We're loving the extra-large windows coupled with subtle faceted detailing, hinged doors, and soft gray siding to boot.

4. Opt for wood.

One of the quintessential features of classic carriage house designs is natural wood. While these days most new garage doors are painted to match the home's siding, we can't resist the subtle contrast and rich sense of depth that a warm woodgrain can contribute. Couple that with arched door frames — like the ones seen on this New England estate highlighted on Nicola's Home — and you have a real winner.

5. Throw in some greens.

Incorporating a little greenery to elevate an exterior is one of our favorite garage door ideas to date. This absolutely dreamy locale from T.S. Adams Studio is a prime example of how effortlessly chic it can be. Hang a trellis along the side — or flank the doors for a more encompassing finish — and allow the lush foliage to frame the carport for a whimsical touch and some serious curb appeal.


6. Consider two-tone garage doors.

Add a little color to give the ordinary a low-maintenance revamp and an unexpected twist. Take for example these carriage style garage doors from Clopay Building Products — the high-contrast white and gray coloring doubles as a seamless extension of the home's exterior and adds loads of visual interest that any homeowner would appreciate.

7. Lean modern.

Cool shades of blue never go out of style, and this modern update on the traditional carriage style garage door from Clopay proves just how timeless it can be. The framed minimalist vertical panels juxtapose with the more streamlined border, offering a dynamic finish that's both unexpected and refreshingly modern.