Looking for the Most Popular Ceramic Bakeware of 2020? We Found It

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As we inch closer to the holidays, comfort food is top of mind. Whether you're an avid baker or just now getting into the sourdough craze (hey, better late than never), having a solid and reliable vessel to carry out your recipes is of the essence. Cue ceramic bakeware.

Their nonstick coating and durability are just a few of the many advantages they have over alternatives made from materials such as glass or metal. They're design-forward and often offered in a vibrant array of colors but more importantly, ceramic dishes distribute heat evenly, which is always a plus (not to mention a must) when it comes to baking.

And with all of the popularity baking has garnered this year, the vessels we use to whip up our go-to banana bread have also seen their fair share of an uptick. So, if you're looking for something new, or just another piece to add to your stoneware collection, read on for the most popular ceramic bakeware 2020 has to offer.

1. Food52 x Dansk Generations Oval Roaster, $60

Food52 is always serving up inspiration with chic bakeware and this dreamy blue, oval roaster from their Dansk collaboration is no exception. Its slim shape is a refreshing update on traditional bulky builds while the two ears on the sides offer a modernized twist on typical handles.

2. Emile Henry Ultime Oval Oven Dish, $42 - $85

Emile Henry is a well-known purveyor of ceramic bakeware and their line always features an array of bold hues to choose from — this vibrant yellow pick is a prime example. The oval casserole dish boasts a modern form characterized by sleek handles, a streamlined design, and a deep enough body for all of your culinary needs.

3. Caraway Dutch Oven, $125

From sourdough to garden focaccias, 2020 has been all about baking bread. Proper bakeware that cultivates a favorable atmosphere for dough is essential to the success of your recipe. Enter Caraway's versatile Dutch oven, available in five chic colorways no less, with a ceramic coated interior that's poised to make baking all the more easier for you.

4. Staub Ceramic Stoneware Pumpkin Cocotte, $29.95

Bakeware with a seasonal spin is always a plus in our book and this whimsical pumpkin-shaped cocotte is right on point. A popularized spin on the classic Dutch oven, this single-serving vessel will instantly elevate your next dinner party.

5. Emile Henry Pie Dish, $44.95

When it comes to hearty pies oozing with filling, the last thing you want is to swap out the container and this beautifully detailed piece from Emile Henry proves you won't have to. The best part? It can go directly from the freezer to the oven to the table, which means no time lost on getting the perfect crust.

6. FreeFolding Ceramic Baking Dish, $207

Speckled ceramic bakeware has been a popular motif of 2020 and this handmade piece from FreeFolding hits all the right notes. Each one is made to order and is perfect for whipping up everything from lasagna to peach cobbler. Bonus points for the fact that it also makes for the perfect hostess gift.

7. Judy Jackson Stoneware Ramekins (set of 6), $110

Ramekins are a highly underrated and extremely versatile culinary staple. From creme brûlée to roasted vegetables, there's no limit to what you can bake in them. This updated version by artist Judy Jackson offers a contemporary refresh with plenty of color to boot. Available in six assorted sizes, this collection pretty much guarantees that you'll have all your bases covered.

8. Heritage Square Baking Dishes (set of 2), $67

As far as ceramic bakeware goes, Le Creuset is a time-honored brand that never goes out of style. The company's versatile dishes can be used for a wide array of recipes and the smooth, scratch- and stain-resistant interior not only makes clean up a breeze, but it also retains heat as well.

9. Sarit Ceramics Big Light Blue Casserole, $185

Looking to upgrade your snoozy bakeware? This ceramic option, with a matching cover, no less, is prime for everything from stews to casseroles. Handmade and glazed, it's a welcome change from the ordinary and a style you'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming year.

10. Staub Rectangular Covered Baker, $185

The secret to an irresistible mac and cheese is surely the container you make it in. Staub's ceramic bakeware is a culinary mainstay and an essential that prevents moisture loss — read: no dry cakes or stiff pasta layers. Not only is this one resistant to thermal shock but it also features a polished rim that helps prevent heat damage on your countertops.

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