11 DIYs You'll Want to Do This Summer

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Summer DIY Tutorials to Do

We get that Summer 2020 is unlike any other summer you've experienced before. While there may be plenty of things you should not do, there are plenty of things you really should. Like these DIYs. If you're looking for a craft, an activity, or a decor project for your home, these tutorials will keep you busy (happily) for the next few of months.

1. Co-create with the sun to make art prints — people of all ages will love this outdoor activity.

2. Try tie-dyeing beach towels and T-shirts using ice. It's really cool, literally and figuratively.

3. Design a modern bee house … for the kind of bees you actually want to welcome into your yard.

4. Make an organizer for your gardening tools to help support your new hobby.

5. Build an outdoor Murphy bar because summer cocktails under the stars is everything.

6. Give a new meaning to "summer vacation" with a backyard glampover.

7. Attract birds with a charming wooden birdhouse.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke for Hunker

8. Put together an outdoor bench with a rustic piece of wood and hairpin legs.

9. Create a vertical garden (from bed slats!) to liven up your patio or balcony.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke for Hunker

10. Turn a popular kitchen cart into a space-saving outdoor drinks station.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke for Hunker

11. Illuminate your yard (and banish bugs) with a stylish torch.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse for Hunker

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