This Genius Amazon Product Will Double Your Toilet Paper's Lifespan

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With everyone being home more now, is it just us or does it feel like you are CONSTANTLY doing certain chores: constantly cooking, constantly emptying the dishwasher, and constantly replacing the toilet paper. Of course, replacing the toilet paper is already a notoriously annoying household task.


Thankfully, we recently came across this Amazon product — a double toilet roll holder — and were like, Whoa. This makes SO MUCH SENSE. And with the little shelf on top to store bathroom-necessary items? ::Chef's kiss::

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The trick to making this device really work for you is to pull evenly from each roll; and not to favor one roll. Otherwise, you'll just find yourself back in the same boat of replacing toilet paper at the same rate.

Buy now: YUMORE Double Toilet Paper Holder, $29.99



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