Is it OK to Put Kleenex in Toilets?

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Kleenex and other facial tissues are at hand's reach in most homes — especially during cold and allergy season. However, when toilet paper is hard to come by, people may also be thinking of using Kleenex in place of their usual toilet paper. But is it actually okay to put Kleenex in toilets?


The simple answer: no, Kleenex should not be put in toilets. Toilet paper is specifically made to break down in toilets, so that it will not clog your home's plumbing. Facial tissues are not made with this purpose in mind. As a result, Kleenex can get stuck on bends or other debris in your pipes, causing a stoppage in your plumbing system.

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According to Kleenex's FAQ section, "As our Kleenex® Brand tissues have not been designed or tested for flushability, please dispose of our products in the trash. Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes can be flushed. [T]hey are designed to safely break down in home septic systems and will not affect the normal bacterial activity in a septic system."


What if you are completely out of toilet paper?

If you cannot find toilet paper and only have tissues on hand, you can still use the tissues to wipe yourself — just do not put the tissues in the toilet. Instead, have a designated wastebasket or plastic bag handy for when you are done using the tissue. Then, once the bag is full, dispose of it properly.

The takeaway: Never put Kleenex in the toilet.



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