How to Dissolve Toilet Paper Clogged in Toilet Drain

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Things You'll Need

  • Toilet plunger

  • Closet auger

Dissolve toilet paper in a bowl to remove clogs.

Toilet paper is specifically manufactured to dissolve and break up in water. That is, unless too much toilet paper has been stuffed into a small space, in which case it just becomes a gummy mess. When it comes time to dissolve toilet paper clogged up in a toilet drain, there are a couple of methods you can use to try and get your water moving again.

Step 1

Clear out anything stored near the toilet, such as toilet paper holders, towels and rugs. Dissolving toilet paper clogged in a toilet drain can become messy.

Step 2

Open up the toilet seat and prop it up against the tank.

Step 3

Insert a plunger into the toilet so that it covers the outlet in the bottom of the bowl. Press firmly up and down on the toilet plunger handle to move the plunger up and down and cause suction in the drain. You will know the toilet paper has been dissolved when you remove the plunger and the bowl empties.

Step 4

Flush the toilet to see if the paper has been dissolved.

Step 5

Use a closet auger to help dissolve the toilet paper in the drain. Augers are simply long pieces of wire or thinly shaped metal that are inserted into the toilet drain. They have small hooks or barbs on the end that can break up clogs and help separate the paper so that the water can dissolve the toilet paper. Feed the barbed end of the auger into the toilet and through the drain until it reaches the end of its length. If so equipped, turn the handle on the end of the auger to help break up the clog.

Step 6

Flush the toilet to check that the paper has been dissolved. If not, run the auger through the drain again.


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